[rede.APPIA] PhD and Post-doc openings (DeepSPIN project)

Hi all,
I’m posting this message to advertise this position to former LxMLS participants.
The University of Lisbon will soon be announcing 3 PhD student and 3 post-doctoral positions for my forthcoming ERC-funded project DeepSPIN (“Deep Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing”). This 5-year frontier research project will start in January 2018, and it also involves Unbabel, a vibrant start-up doing AI-powered crowd-sourced translation. Detailed information about the positions and how to apply can be found at:
(The application deadline is December 2017, but there’s flexibility about the dates depending on the candidate’s availability. For example, PhD students finishing next year can still apply to the post-doc position.)
I would be grateful if you could circulate this information in your department or among any potentially interested colleagues or young researchers you may know.
Thanks, and best regards,

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