[rede.APPIA] Special Session WCCI /IJCNN 2018 on Neurocomputation and Cognition (extended deadline)

Dear Colleagues and Researchers,

Please notice that the deadline to the special session below

Link to the Special Session: IJCNN-20 Neurocomputation and Cognition


has been extended to February 1st.

Best regards,

— Bernardete Ribeiro

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From: Bernardete Ribeiro <bribeiro@dei.uc.pt>
Date: Sat, Dec 23, 2017 at 10:01 AM
Subject: Special Session WCCI /IJCNN 2018 on  Neurocomputation and Cognition
To: Docentes DEI <docentes-dei@dei.uc.pt>, CISUC-Investigadores <invs@cisuc.uc.pt>

Dear Colleagues and Researchers,

A special session on “Cognition and NeuroComputation” has been organized by L. Manevitz, B. Ribeiro and A. Frid at this summers WCCI/IJCNN meeting in Rio de Janeiro. 2018   The submissions will undergo the standard reviewing process for this meeting;    the main advantage in submitting to the special session will be the common interest of the participants.   you should indicate when submitting the main research topic is “S20. Special Session on Neurocomputation and Cognition”.    A link to the special session is below.

We encourage you to submit and/or to attend.

We will be interpreting ” NeuroComputation and Cognition” widely but around such topics such as:

The special session invites submissions in any of the following (and related) areas:

  • Use of Neurocomputation and Machine Learning Tools to Identify Complex Physiological Features
  • Neurocomputational Models for Cognition and Cognitive Tasks
  • Finding Computational Biomarkers for cognitive tasks using Machine Learning tools
  • Validation of cognitive models using machine learning methods
  • Discovering Computational Biomarkers for Diseases (especially neurological diseases)
  • Applications of Machine Learning and Neurocomputation to Cognitive Data
  • Neurocomputational and Architectural Models of Creativity
  • Innovative Neurocomputational Models appropriate for Cognition and Brain simulations
  • Design of Feature Selection and other Machine Learning Tools for Classifying Cognitive and Brain Data

For a more complete description visit the link: http://www.ecomp.poli.br/~wcci2018/ijcnn-sessions/#ijcnn20 .

You can also visit the home pages of the organizing laboratories:  Neurocomputation Laboratory (neurocomputation.wordpress.com) of Prof. Manevitz at U. Haifa and https://apps.uc.pt/mypage/faculty/uc25930

 of the LARN Laboratory of Prof. Ribeiro at Coimbra University.


Conference Links: 

Main conference pagehttp://www.ecomp.poli.br/~wcci2018/

Link to the Special Session: IJCNN-20 Neurocomputation and Cognition


— Bernardete Ribeiro